Genre: Thriller

Logline:  When a grieving and precarious bookstore clerk, who is deaf, commits a heinous crime out of passion, he must cover his tracks before his crumbling psyche jeopardizes his integrity and freedom.

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Dear movie enthusiasts, film fund/grant organizations, and potential investors,

Greetings! I'm Dave, and I was born deaf. American Sign Language is my primary mode of communication, and I spent the first 35 years of my life in British Columbia, growing up in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. One of my defining traits is my vivid imagination, which I consider my greatest asset. Throughout my life, I've nurtured my creativity, starting from writing short stories during my childhood to my current role as a web designer/developer. I embarked on this path after high school, aspiring to contribute to the media industry in Canada and North America.

If you were to ask me at any point about my aspirations while growing up, I'd have shared my dreams of becoming an artist, a screenwriter, and a director. Don't misunderstand me; I hold a deep affection for all aspects of filmmaking, including screenwriting, animation, graphics, and website design in the realm of media.

The culmination of my efforts will materialize in a 21-minute short film centered around a middle-aged deaf man in the throes of grief, striving to embrace life to the fullest. This ordinary yet remarkable individual possesses a positive outlook on life and a devoted wife, but unforeseen circumstances compel him to make regrettable choices. As his actions take an unexpected turn, he's forced to conceal his tracks before the fragility of his mind jeopardizes both his ethical standing and his freedom.
In this short film, I will take on the role of the director, collaborating closely with a skilled Director of Photography (DP) for the project. While I will also engage in certain camera work and co-editing alongside a more experienced individual, my primary responsibility remains that of the director. Additionally, I intend to portray the main character in the story, a deaf actor cast in the lead role. To bring this vision to life, I'm seeking a Director of Photography and an Assistant Director who share my enthusiasm for realizing this project.

Directing poses a challenge for me due to my lack of prior experience in directing scenes or films. Nonetheless, my vivid imagination drives me forward. I anticipate grappling with several key issues, including weather conditions, scheduling complexities, and the allocation of time for actual shooting. Given my aim to craft a soundless film, the presence of a sound technician is crucial for incorporating background music, dialogue, and sound effects into the project.

The overall budget for this endeavor will not exceed $15,000, equating to approximately $700 per minute for the 21-page screenplay. For those seeking more comprehensive details, including an in-depth budget breakdown and the screenplay I've authored, please feel free to reach out to me.

I extend my gratitude for your time and consideration of this project, as well as for the support you provide as I embark on this new career journey in my later years.

David Daniel Campbell


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